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MAHLE Transmission Service Tools and Equipment

Transmission issues are one thing that professional mechanics can always count on coming through the garage. When it comes to keeping your service bay armed and ready for all sorts of transmission problems, you can to the right place. Best Buy Auto Equipment proudly offers a wide selection of MAHLE transmission service equipment that can help you and your technicians tackle tough transmission jobs in little no time at all. Our selection features everything you would expect from a top-notch brand such as MAHLE, including transmission fluid exchange and multi-fluid filtration systems.

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Mahle ATX-3+Boost - P/N 400 80009 00 Mahle ATX-3+Boost FluidPRO™ Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger w/Dipstick Tube-Cooler Line Option

Mahle ATX-3+Boost Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger w/Boost Pump- Dipstick Tube/Cooler Line - P/N 400 80009 00

made in USA

List Price: $9,331.67
: $4,807.21

With almost a century of experience in the automotive market, MAHLE has rightfully earned a reputation as a pioneer in automotive technology. MAHLE’s innovative solutions are engineered to ensure longer transmission life. Just like all other operating media in a typical vehicle, transmission oil ages over time and needs to be changed on a regular basis. Our selection of MAHLE transmission service tools features three unique transmission fluid exchange systems to suit any budget. The DFX-1 FluidPRO differential and manual transmission fluid exchange system is the perfect solution when it comes to working in tight spaces. This system is designed for fully-automatic operation with minimal technician input to maximize efficiency. Both the ATX-3+Boost Fluid PRO automatic transmission fluid exchange system and the ATX-3-PS Combo offer complete packages with the utmost accuracy combined with multitasking to ensure the fastest service. Whether you are looking for the added convenience of a dipstick mode selector or a power steering fluid exchanger, we have all your needs covered. Our selection of MAHLE transmission service equipment wouldn’t be complete without the CFF-1HD FluidPRO multi-fluid filtration system, which can handle a wide variety of industry fluids, including hydraulic oil, gear lube, transmission fluid, and engine oil.

Best of all, MAHLE’s unique approach to customer service ensures that your workshop has access to on-site technical assistance whenever you need it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about MAHLE transmission service tools. Our automotive experts would be happy to help you find the right solution for your shop.