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Mahle Exhaust Ventilation Products

Best Buy Automotive Equipment carries an EV-1 exhaust ventilation product that is perfect to clean the air of even the most cough-inducing environment. Often, the smog that surrounds our cities is caused by car exhaust. Imagine this wide spread pollution being shrunken down and placed into a single room. For a car repair shop without proper ventilation methods, this is exactly the case. It is important for every garage to be properly suited to deal with excess exhaust from damaged or dying vehicle to protect both the employees and the customers.
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Mahle EV-1 p/n 435 80001 00 EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation System

Mahle EV-1 Portable Exhaust Ventilator System

made in USA

List Price: $2,255.70
: $1,102.00
EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation System

Any facility will add safety and professionalism with the purchase of this machine. It’s highly portable and compact design allows it to move anywhere in the shop, sucking up trouble areas as they pop up. The entire system only weighs 73 lbs. in full. The design is made to be simple. Plug in the EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation Product, place it next to the exhaust, and watch as the powerful 110V HP motor with high-flow positive pressure sucks it all away. It’s 40ft hose allows it to quickly respond to almost any emergency. It won’t be necessary to hastily move the product around the store. Plus, it can take hot conditions of up to 120 degrees. What’s not to like?

Act now and rid yourself of that unhealthy, unappealing exhaust. Get this great, low cost system for the sake of your repair shop. No store that openly builds exhaust without properly expelling it will last long. Workers won’t want to do their job in those conditions and customers will look at it as a sign of carelessness. It is difficult to trust your car with a careless business. Invest in EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation Products today. If you would like to see this system first hand, simply come visit your local Best Buy Automotive Repair Equipment store. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you. The system is also available in our online market place. We hope to see you soon!