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Without Intermarket engine hoist products, taking an engine out of a car is serious work. Not only is it an extremely heavy and nuanced piece of machinery, but getting a good grip to get leverage can be almost impossible. Many mechanics are injured attempting to pull this feat off with only their natural strength. The prudent choice is to have your natural strength bolstered with some sort of tool or machine. The Adapt engine tilt by Intermarket is one of the most helpful products for this kind of work on the market today. It creates a solid center of balance and removes any back strain from the act. Your employees will thank you.
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2,200 Lb. Capacity Engine Tilter

List Price: $163.51
: $101.04
The Adapt Engine Tilt by Intermarket

The product can be used with all models of AFF cranes or any other equivalent crane type. Intermarket engine hoist products efficiently change the engine’s center of gravity. This can be helpful whether a mechanic is installing or removing and engine from a vehicle. It can hold any weight 2,200 lbs. or below. The 23-1/2” wide support bracket easily attaches to the engine for secure and powerful lifting. The maximum raised height is 10 inches. The minimum is 7.5 inches. The tabletop thickness is 24.5 inches. Overall, the product weighs 18.65 pounds making it sturdy enough to hold an engine but bendable enough to relax to the contours of its weight.

If you run an auto repair shop, it is important for your long-term business goals to keep a healthy staff. This Intermarket engine hoist product will relieve the strain on employees trying to life a heavy engine. It is a necessary tool that provides a lot of bang for the buck. Not to mention, it gets the job done faster. This will open your staff to do more specialized jobs and get customers their cars back faster. We here at Best Buy Automotive Equipment invite you to come by our stores and get a look at this piece of equipment in person if you are interested. There is also always the option of purchasing the helpful product online.