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Hoffman Auto Lift Accessories

Simple modifications and maintenance can easily be accomplished when the vehicle is in its natural position, but advanced repairs or intricate maintenance require a secure lift. There are several names that automotive professionals trust above all else, and Hoffman® is indisputably one of those name brands. Known for delivering front-line lifting equipment to meet any need, Hoffman® products are easy to operate and can increase productivity where it matters most in your shop. Whether you’re in the market for a new alignment lift or you hope to maximize the potential of your current lift, we carry a broad selection of Hoffman® auto lift accessories at affordable prices. Browse our inventory today to find all the automotive equipment and add-ons you need to gain greater access to the vehicles you service.

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Hofmann EAK0299T22A Hofmann Extension Adapter Kit

Hofmann EAK0299T22A Extension Adapter Kit  - HOF-EAK0299T22A

List Price: $210.00
: $177.15
Hofmann JBC0102 Hofmann Ramp Extension Kit

Hofmann JBC0102 Ramp Extension Kit for 10k & 14k Scissors Lifts - HOF-JBC0102

List Price: $1,189.85
: $1,096.64
Hofmann EAK0289J06A Premium Alignment Turnplates Hofmann Alignment Premium Turnplates - Set of 2

Hofmann EAK0289J06A Set of 2 Premium Alignment Turnplates  - HOF-EAK0289J06A

: $1,130.38
Hofmann EELR512A - HOF-EELR512A Hofmann 6,000lbs Rolling Air Jack

Hofmann EELR512A 6,000lbs Rolling Air Jack for EELR709A - HOF-EELR512A

List Price: $1,549.00
: $1,306.69
Hofmann EELR510A - HOF-EELR510A Hofmann 7,000lbs Rolling Air Jack

Hofmann EELR510A 7,000lbs Rolling Air Jack for EELR705A - HOF-EELR510A

List Price: $2,677.00
: $2,258.23
Hofmann RJ217 - HOF-RJ217 Hofmann 7,000lbs Rolling Air Jack

Hofmann RJ217 7,000lbs Rolling Air Jack for BLA14178 - HOF-RJ217

List Price: $3,411.00
: $2,877.78
Hofmann RJWB-9 - HOF-RJWB-9 Hofmann 9,000lbs Rolling Air Jack

Hofmann RJWB-9 9,000lbs Rolling Air Jack - HOF-RJWB-9

List Price: $3,899.28
: $3,289.33
Hofmann EELR503A - HOF-EELR503A Hofmann 5,000lbs Rolling Air Jack

Hofmann EELR503A 5,000lbs Rolling Air Jack for 10k Scissors Lifts - HOF-EELR503A

List Price: $3,680.00
: $3,335.48

Our selection of Hoffman® lift accessories includes rolling air jacks, alignment turn plates, ramp extension kits, and extension adapter kits. Rolling air jacks are practical for repair shops or fleet services that perform frequent brake, wheel, and tire maintenance. A rolling air jack can help you broaden your service revenue by granting easy access to brakes, wheels, and other components from underneath a four-post lift. We carry a variety of rolling air jacks with lifting capacities ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 pounds. These jacks are specially designed for Hoffman® lifts, including scissor, wheelbase, and other alignment lifts.

When you need to lift vehicles with frame constructions, you need the right frame-engaging adapter. Our Hoffman® auto lift accessories collection conveniently includes a set of four U-shaped frame truck adapters. Best of all, select adapter kits qualify for free shipping with the purchase of a Hoffman® lift!

Make the wisest investment for the profitability of your business by exploring our selection of Hoffman® lift accessories today. With more than 85 years in the automotive and tire industry, Hoffman® continues to deliver high-quality accessories with user-friendly features. We offer interest-free financing options so you can stay within your budget without compromising on quality. Submit your application without any obligation to buy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our customer service department for further assistance.