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Flo-Dynamics Coolant Flush

The Flo-Dynamic Coolant Flush is one of the best machines on the market. It has become a must for all mechanics to keep their shops up to date. Luckily, Best Buy Automotive has it in stock. So come visit us and check out the system for yourself. If you don’t buy it, it may very well end up in another garage in town.
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Flo-Dynamics VacFill3 Flo-Dynamics VacFill3 Coolant Service Machine

Flo-Dynamics Coolant Service Machine - VACFILL3

List Price: $4,162.93
: $2,207.48
Flo-Dynamics 98012 PSICool Flo-Dynamics PSICool Air Operated Coolant Machine

Flo-Dynamics 98012 PSICool Air Operated Coolant Service Machine

List Price: $5,082.77
: $3,154.32
Flo-Dynamics C-VAC3 - RADCVAC3 Flo-Dynamics C-VAC3 Coolant Service Machine

Flo-Dynamics C-VAC3 Coolant Service Machine - RADCVAC3

List Price: $5,595.80
: $3,460.79
This machine is the fastest, most efficient, and most asked for way of performing a coolant drains and fill service. The process is exceedingly simple. First the radiator cap is taken off and the cone is inserted to begin the suction process. The cone is designed to easily fit with the radiator. When the old fluid is no longer coming out, switch to the desired fluid and it fills automatically to the top. It couldn’t get any easier, and the transparent tubes make the entire process easy to read.

The entire process takes only 5 minutes. In that time it vacuums out unwanted air using only the oxygen in the shop. There are two 7-gallon fluid tanks, meaning any car will be able to serviced. In addition, an 8-gallon waste fluid is on the tank for extra storage. For all of this, you must think the machine is rather large. However, it is extremely economical. It fits into very tiny spaces, using a small footprint in a packed garage. Not only is it small, it is easy to move. Its 10” rear wheels easily move it from place to place. Its universal adapter fits any vehicle. This is a machine ready for any job.

So why not see one of these babies for yourself? Visit Best Boy Auto Equipment to get a first hand look at this highly versatile, highly effective machine. No doubt, the competition either has one or is about to buy a Flo-Dynamic Coolant Flush. Stay ahead of the game and keep your business on top. This is the best product on the market and our staff will be more than helpful with making any decisions for your shop. We hope to see you soon!