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DJS Fabrications Wheel/Truck Dollies

DJS Fabrications Wheel Dollies

When you own or run a garage, one of the top priorities of your business needs to be your employees’ safety. Of course, accidents and injuries will happen, but when you work around vehicles all day, you’re working around very heavy equipment, parts, and even tools. Moving vehicles isn’t an easy task, so any tool that makes the mechanics’ lives a little bit easier is a positive in our book. Make sure that your shop is stocked with a selection of DSJ Fabrications wheel dollies.

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DJS Fabrications 00108 - DJS-00108 DJS Fabrications 00108 Frame Saddle Bracket

DJS Fabrications 00108 Frame Saddle Bracket (Set of 2) - DJS-00108

List Price: $99.99
: $99.82
DJS Fabrications 00106 - DJS-00106 Paint Room Ramp Set

DJS Fabrications 00106 Paint Room Ramp Set - DJS-00106

List Price: $193.99
: $194.21
DJS Fabrications 00107 - DJS-00107 Frame Machine Plates "Chief Style" Set

DJS Fabrications 00107 Frame Machine Plates "Chief Style" (Set of 4) - DJS-00107

List Price: $249.99
: $246.83
DJS Fabrications 00102 - DJS-00102 Universal Dolly System

DJS Fabrications 00102 Universal Dolly System - DJS-00102

List Price: $294.99
: $299.11
DJS Fabrications 00115-4 - DJS-00115-4 Mobile Dolly Station with Four Dollies

DJS Fabrications 00102 Universal Dolly System - DJS-00102

List Price: $1,419.99
: $1,437.49

There’s no reason for your employees to take extra time trying to maneuver a vehicle into a tight corner, not when they can use DSJ Fabrications truck dollies to easily move the vehicle without any potential injuries or damages while doing so. We offer a wide variety of equipment for you to choose from including a mobile dolly station with four dollies, which is a wonderful choice for a hustling and bustling garage that is constantly working on getting its customers back on the road. It can even be used on any kind of vehicle, offering you more options for your purchase. We even offer financing on some of our bigger ticket items, including the dolly station, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it all at once. If you don’t need a whole station, look at our universal dolly system or one of our accessories like the frame machine plates set, which allow you to roll the car right onto a frame rack still placed on the dollies. Not only will these DSJ Fabrications wheel dollies help you to save energy and potential injuries, they will also help your garage to be more productive, which means you’ll get to more vehicles faster. These are all great items, and several of them qualify for free shipping.

If you have any questions about our DSJ Fabrications truck dollies, please feel free to reach out to a customer service representative. They’ll be happy to help you find the part you need or help you complete your order.