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CEMB ER100 EVO Automatic RFV Diagnostic Balancer

CEMB ER100 EVO Automatic RFV Diagnostic Balancer

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Product Code: CEMB-ER100

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CEMB Pro Kit Plus Pro Kit + Wheel Lift and Accessory Rack [Add $2,689.57] more info

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CEMB ER100 EVO Automatic RFV Diagnostic Balancer

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Completely renewed, the ER100 EVO top-of-the-range wheel balancer, in a matter of seconds and without any manual intervention on behalf of the operator the machine automatically detects all wheel dimensions, unbalance, internal and external wheel and rim eccentricity, tread-depth and conicity.

Ergonomic design
The new CEMB wheel balancer ER100 EVO presents a completely renewed aestethic, maintening all the advantages of ErgoFast. The ErgoFast range of balancing machines has been developed to offer the operator the best possible working conditions. Every tool in a handy position, total access to internal part of rim, all accessories within reach and touch screen are only but a few of the advantages developed for our end users.

3D Laser Scan

  • – Touchless wheel distance and diameter measuring system which, combined with the external radial laser for width measurement, detects with 3D precision the dimensions of any profile, even the most complex; no intervention of the operator.
  • -Advanced technology that speeds up the dimensions reading process without penalizing reliability and precision.
  • – Brighter laser pointer that grants an extreme accuracy during correction thanks to a clear indication of the application point for stick-on weights.
  • – Greatest robustness for a long lasting usage. No moving parts are exposed, risks of damages are reduced
  • – Easy maintenance

Side Laser
Two laser beams indicate the exact 12 o’clock position to place clip-on weights. With these accurate reference points, any possibility of erratically placing counterweights is eliminated.

Wheel structure analysis
Very often wheel vibrations are not caused by unbalances, but by a structural (geometrical) difformity of the wheel itself. ER100 EVO in a few seconds of a single spin displays unbalance and eccentricity of tire and rim.

The operator will be allerted on the screen when the total eccentricity value exceeds the maximum tolerance admissible. Should the run-out value be out of tolerance, simply pressing a push-button the operator can visualize the best tire/rim mutual positioning to drive the total eccentricity value within tolerance.

If the operator requires, during the same measuring cycle, ER100 EVO can display also the values of conicity and tread-depth, detected through laser scan. The machine can also measure the eccentricity of the rim alone. A double scan on the two separate bead seating positions acknowledge the exact structure of the rim.

One plane balancing
OPB (One Plane Balancing), eliminates both static and dynamic unbalance with a single counterweight, indicating the exact position to apply the weight inside the rim. The balancer automatically detects if it is possible to correct both unbalances with only one weight, and activates OPB program (One Plane Balancing). A real revolution in wheel balancing. OPB saves you time and money while maximizing your productivity.

AutoAdaptive Mode
The innovative tolerance calculation system AutoAdaptive Mode is based on the evaluation of the residual imbalance limit value corresponding to an acceptable perceived vibration. For each wheel that is balanced, the software AutoAdaptive Mode detects weight and dimensions and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel. AutoAdaptive Mode grants the highest comfort when driving, and together with OPB Program, saves balancing time.

  • AutoAdaptive OPB is a time saving feature
    • combines a new operator display and 3D scanner/laser pointer which simplifies weight placement at BDC and reduces balancing time by over 35% on over 70% of today’s tire/wheel assemblies.
    • Provides an accurate dynamic balance yet shifts to a single tape-on weight placed in a computer chosen location instead of the two weight locations chosen by the operator. An average tire shop can save over $175/month in labor costs.
  • High Volume Computerized Diagnostic Center for cars and light trucks
  • In one spin (and without any intervention of the operator) can measure dimensions, unbalance, wheel and rim runout with direct matching, tread depth and conicity
  • Total diagnosis and diagnosis of the rim alone
  • Wide space to work inside the rim
  • Touch Screen Video
  • Pneumatic Locking
  • Lasers for Automatic Dimensions Entry, Runout, Tread Depth, Conicity
  • DC motor positions and holds automatically the wheel into the correct position
  • Laser spot for weight positioning inside the rim
  • LED to light the working space inside of the rim
  • Wheel guard
  • Automatic Zeroweight lift (CEMB patent)
  • Self-Diagnosis and Self-Calibration
  • Menus for quick selection of the following:
    • inches to millimeters
    • unbalanced thresholds 0.1 or 0.25 ounces (1 or 5g)
  • Direct selection ounces/grams
  • Optimization program for compensation of rim and tire unbalance
  • "Static" program--plus 4 ALU programs for PAX, light alloy or special shaped rims
  • Format and graphics of the print can be customized
  • Personalized screensaver
  • 21-Compartment Weight Tray
  • Made in Italy & Assembled in the USA

Standard Accessories Included

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CEMB ER100 EVO Standard Accessories

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