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John Dow Industries

Best Buy Automotive sells JohnDow Exhaust Ventilation products that will create fresh, pleasant air in your garage. Is your repair shop overrun with exhaust? It can be especially annoying to keep breathing sour air. Most importantly, it is hazardous to health of every employee at the shop. Check out our selection of options to keep your work environment safe.
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JohnDow Industries EV-ADPT JohnDow EV-ADPT Single Pipe Adapter

JohnDow Industries EV-ADPT Single Pipe Adapter for EV-5100

List Price: $59.04
: $38.38
JohnDow Industries EV-5100 -  JD EV-5100 JohnDow EV-5100 Mobile Exhaust Extractor

JohnDow Industries EV-5100 Portable Exhaust Extraction System

List Price: $2,236.41
: $1,453.66
JohnDow Industries Single Pipe Adapter

This highly versatile system can be used on any dual exhaust vehicle or motorcycle. It works with any standard 3” exhaust hose to help expel unwanted gas. The 2lbs design makes the tool easy to install and move about freely for total usability. No hose or tailpipe adapter is included.

JohnDow Industries Mobile Exhaust Extractor

This JohnDow Exhaust Ventilation Product is highly user-friendly and practical. Not only that, its affordable! The system effectively removes exhaust from auto repair facilities, motorcycle shops, small engine repair shops and other works areas where toxic fume removal is a necessity. It uses standard 110V current. Installation is simple. Place the exhaust extractor next to the vehicle. The high-output fan, which is mounted in tough, molded polyethylene, sucks in fumes and safely discharges them up to 30’ away. A quick release spring-loaded cam lock controls height. The machine can be moved anywhere within the shop that is having a problem with fumes. Its base is mobile with four steady wheels that allow for easy transportation. Of note, the device cannot be used for diesel of high heat applications. To do so would harm the device irreparably.

With the help of JohnDow Exhaust Ventilation Products, any car repair environment can instantly become safer. Don’t act later. If you’re shop is expelling harmful fumes with no way of expelling them, you need to act now. To check out these systems first hand please go to any Best Buy Automotive Equipment store and speak to our friendly staff. They will be more than welcoming and glad to assist you. All of these items can also be purchased in our online marketplace.