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ATD Tools Sand Blasters

Sand blasters allow you to remove old paint, rust, and other debris all while keeping the abrasive media safely contained inside. When it comes to reliable machinery that's designed with the automotive professional in mind, ATD Tools is a name you can trust. ATD Tools sand blasters feature a pressurized design that provides 30 percent more abrasive blasting power than siphon units. These durable sandblasting machines also feature a heavy-duty, all-steel construction as well as ceramic nozzles to ensure ease of use and trouble-free maintenance. We offer plenty of choices to satisfy any need. Shop from our selection today and enjoy free shipping on select blasters while supplies last.

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ATD Tools 8401 - ATD-8401 40 lbs. Abrasive Blaster

ATD Tools 8401 40 lbs. Abrasive Blaster - ATD-8401

List Price: $289.11
: $160.75
ATD Tools 8402 - ATD-8402 90-100 lbs. Abrasive Blaster

ATD Tools 8402 90-100 lbs. Abrasive Blaster - ATD-8402

List Price: $466.12
: $218.36

Whether you own your own auto body shop or you professionally restore classic cars, quality sand blasting equipment is a must-have. Pressure machines are the best choice in terms of blasting applications that call for heavy abrasives or blind hole cleaning in recessed cavities. If you are looking for an economical solution that still packs a punch, ATD Tools' 40-gallon abrasive blaster may be just what you need. With a capacity up to 100 gallons, the larger 8402 model may be more ideal for an array of applications. Both ATD Tools sand blasters come with an eight-foot-long hose, ceramic nozzles, shut-off valves, filling funnels, water traps, and canvas hoods. Both models are also completely portable and made with an all-steel construction blast pot for heavy-duty use.

Recommended media for all ATD Tools sand blasters includes steel grit, glass bead, and aluminum oxide. Glass beads can not only help you achieve a smooth, bright finish but they are also extremely cost-effective. Aluminum oxide is ideal for paint removal, general cleaning applications, and even glass etching. Steel grit is the go-to media for removing rust or scale from steel surfaces. By choosing us as your media blasting resource, you can always count on us for the most tempting offers and competitive rates! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. An experienced and knowledgeable representative is waiting and ready to help you find what you need to get the job done.