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Associated Equipment Battery Chargers

Everyone knows the frustration of having a dead battery. The first thing to do is immediately figure out a viable solution, which is why many turn to Associated Equipment battery chargers. Having one of these in your shops will work wonders for you, and your clients will be pleased with the fast, reliable results they provide for their vehicles. Explore our selection today!

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Associated Portable Intellamatic 20-Amp Charger ASO9425 Portable Intellamatic 20-Amp Charger

Associated Portable Intellamatic 20-Amp Charger ASO9425

List Price: $540.56
: $400.45
Associated Heavy Duty Commercial 6-12 Volt Battery Charger ASO6001A 6-12v 100-70amp 550amp Boost Car Battery Charger

Associated Heavy Duty Commercial 6-12 Volt Battery Charger ASO6001A

List Price: $964.00
: $823.50
Associated 6/12/18/24V Battery Charger ASO6002B Heavy Duty Wheeled Car Battery Charger

Associated 6/12/18/24V Battery Charger ASO6002B

List Price: $1,125.00
: $960.13

Our selection features a great variety of heavy duty battery chargers, as well as some that are lightweight, and easily portable. Depending on the needs of your shop, you may need both to get the job done. There will be times where you can store one charger in a location in your shop, and other times where you may have to take it with you to help a client. Our choices are easy to setup, use, and recharge at any time once you need it. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and have some of the best boost and cranking assist ratings on the market. Our clamps are strong, reliable, and easy for absolutely anyone to use. Associated battery chargers are ideal for shop owners, technicians, and car owners.

Associated battery chargers are made right here in the U.S.A, so you know they’re made by experts, from the finest materials. Our chargers have many different levels of power, so you can find the perfect one for the vehicle you’re working on. Our options range from 20 to 600 amps, so you can easily find the perfect choice. Our models work for 6, 12, 18, and 24-volt batteries, which are typically the most common among the car industry.

If your shop is looking for a reliable, affordable solution for your client’s car battery issues, look no further than Associated Equipment battery chargers. These are widely used and trusted in the industry, and come highly recommended. Allow our experts to help you find the best choice based on your given needs!