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Pegisys Scan Tools

On-board diagnostics play an important role in today's automotive industry. As passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks become more computerized, garages must be able to read error codes in real time and accurately diagnose any potential problems. With more than 75 years of experience, OTC Tools is a trusted source for scanning equipment and reporting tools that allow technicians to shorten diagnostics time, maximize billable labor hours, and get repairs done faster than ever before. At Best Buy Auto Equipment, we proudly offer Pegisys scan tools that work in conjunction with the 3825 model you currently use. Our starter kits come with color-coded OEM adapters for easy identification and storage as well as an annual subscription to the Pegisys software.

Pegisys scan tools are the most advanced hand-held aftermarket diagnostic tools available, providing more than 27 years of vehicle coverage for 44 different vehicle makes from over 25 different manufacturers. Each Pegisys scan tool comes preloaded with expanded scanning capabilities, tech tips, automated system tests, and so much more. With a heavy-duty standard starter kit, you get an annual software subscription that includes all available updates via download. Those updates are then permanently retained in your unit, so you can have the freedom to work productively. Every heavy-duty standard starter kit includes a nine-pin Deutsch cable, a six-pin Deutsch cable, a heavy-duty security card, and HD capability. Every European starter kit includes a Mercedes 38-pin adapter, a Mercedes one-pin adapter, a VW four-pin adapter, a BMW adapter, and a European security card.

In addition to Pegisys scan tools and optional software, we also offer OTC Tools' Genisys performance gas module. This emissions repair solution easily snaps onto the Genisys unit, providing yet another level of diagnostic capability. Best of all, the gas analyzer can run simultaneously with other Genisys software applications and it's powered by the on-board battery, so there's no need for extra connections to the vehicle. Between our two Pegisys starter kits and Genisys gas module, you will be prepared for any make or model that comes through your shop. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have while shopping with us today.

Get Full Control over Your Vehicle with the Pegisys Scan Tool

If you want to be able to address problems impacting the functionality of your vehicle, you can take the easy way out by counting on a top-of-the-line diagnosis tool used on a large scale in the automotive industry: the Pegisys scan tool. Based on state-of-the-art technology, the Pegisys scan tool revolves around smart information access, air bridge wireless technology and productivity unleashed.

Perform Rapid One-Button Scans Using the Advanced Pegisys Scan

Tool This tool turns diagnostics into a much faster and complete process. Built for the shop, it was designed to withstand the grease and the dirt that comes with the job. The tool has a big, bright, colorful screen that you can manipulate, touch and scroll or spin the wheel to access the menu and data streams and visualize different options. By using this innovative gadget, you can perform fast and reliable one-button tests. You can go online using the Pegisys scan tool to search for additional information without having to reach out for any other Internet-enabled devices. With this sophisticated scan tool you can check and diagnose vehicle systems in a matter of a few seconds, even from 30 feet away.

This handy, intelligent device can help you work more efficiently and avoid hassles. Its future-forward software makes it easier for you to understand and solve the problems of your vehicle rapidly and inexpensively. The revolutionary AirBridge™ Wireless Technology, the touch screen with a one-of-a-kind graphic user interface, high-speed scope and the DVD-quality MPEG4 playback are only a few of the most appealing features that gives the Pegisys scan tool an important competitive advantage.

Get the Best Scan Tool and Accessories from Your Favorite Provider

At Best Buy Automotive Equipment, our mission is to bring you the best and most affordable tools and accessories designed to improve your connection with your vehicle. We deliver various attractive products, including the Pegisys USA European Starter Kit, the Genisys Performance Gas Module Kit, the Pegisys Battery "Hot Swap" Kit and several other bestsellers. Check out our entire selection of quality automotive equipment and add your favorites to your shopping cart.