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Omega Wheel and Truck Dollies

When your shop services larger vehicles, you’ll find that not only is the equipment used to do so larger, but so are the pieces and parts used. That’s where our selection of Omega wheel dollies come in. These pieces were designed to help make your mechanics’ lives easier, and allow you to ensure that they are using proper safety practices and injuries will be limited. Shop our selection now!

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Omega 47050C - OMG-47050C​ 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly

Omega 47050C 3/4-Ton Wheel Dolly - OMG-47050C

List Price: $919.99
: $887.99
Omega 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly OMEHW93766 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly

Omega 3/4 Ton Wheel Dolly OMEHW93766

List Price: $1,974.75
: $1,142.26

The most important thing besides getting your customers’ vehicles repaired safely should be ensuring your employees’ safety as well. Mechanics are used to having to adjust themselves in various positions during the day, not to mention lifting heavy parts and pieces to different vehicles, but in some cases, they just can’t do all the heavy lifting on their own. Our selection of Omega wheel dollies help when the tires are just a bit too big for one mechanic to deal with on his own. This selection of dollies was designed to help with the safe, easy handling of single, double or tandem wheels. Omega proudly makes these in America, ensuring that you are getting a high-quality option for your garage. Lift arms are easily adjustable to fit a variety of different wheel combinations, and the hydraulic system provides smooth power to ensure that the task can be completed quickly and easily, without too much hassle. To make it even easier, these dollies are also designed with swivel ball bearing casters for easy positioning, ensuring that you are able to maneuver the dolly to where it should be. All of this and more make Omega wheel dollies a great addition to every garage. Just make sure to measure carefully to ensure you have the proper space for this piece of equipment. To make things easier, we offer free shipping on certain products as well as financing to help you easily purchase these big-ticket items now rather than later.

If you have any questions about our selection or need help with financing, please feel free to contact us. We have customer service representatives standing by who would be more than happy to help you.