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OTC Wheel and Truck Dollies

There are certain things that make any mechanic’s job a little bit easier. One of the most important is the ability to maneuver a vehicle around the shop to where you need it to be. Before, that wasn’t always the easiest task, and many mechanics would have to maneuver themselves around instead. However, with our selection of OTC wheel dollies and truck dollies, you can easily knock out tasks and get to the next customer who needs you. Check out our selection to begin building up your inventory.

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OTC 1580 - OTC1580 1,500 Lb. Capacity Easy Roller

OTC 1580 1,500 lb. Easy Roller™ Dolly OTC1580

List Price: $195.99
: $156.60
OTC 5095A - OTC5095A Easy Lever Dolly 24"-36" Tires

OTC 5095A Easy Lever™ Wheel Dolly - OTC5095A

List Price: $254.99
: $189.91
OTC 5096A - OTC5096A Easy Lever Dolly 36"-48" Tires Wheel Dolly

OTC 5096A Easy Lever™ Wheel Dolly for Wide Tires  - OTC5096A

List Price: $259.99
: $204.08
OTC 1572 - OTC1572 1,800lb Capacity Pinch Weld Wheel Dolly

OTC 1572 Car Dolly (Pair)  - OTC1572

List Price: $339.99
: $291.26
OTC 1769A - OTC1769A Dual Wheel 1,500lb Capacity Dolly

OTC 1769 A Stinger Dual Wheel Truck Dolly - OTC1769A

List Price: $559.99
: $473.41
OTC 1770A -  OTC1770A 1,500lb Capacity Dual Wheel Dolly

OTC 1770A1500 lb. Capacity Dual Wheel/Truck  Dolly  - OTC1770A

List Price: $1,459.99
: $1,238.86

Keeping your employees safe should be as high on your list as servicing your customers and providing them with the proper service they need to get their vehicle repaired and get them safely back on the road. With our selection of OTC truck dollies and wheel dollies, that task can easily be accomplished. We offer a variety of easy rollers, pinch weld wheel dollies, and even dual wheel dollies. We know that some tire changes are just too much for one mechanic to handle on his own, which is where the dual wheel dollies come in handy. These offer the mechanic the ability to easily hold and maneuver one of these tires into the proper position, without risking injury or needing multiple mechanics to complete the task. To ensure safety, make sure that the weight capacity of the dollies is not exceeded, as that could make it very dangerous for the mechanic using the equipment. While OTC equipment is some of the best on the market, if it is used improperly, any equipment can become quite dangerous. Each one of the OTC wheel dollies uses heavy duty construction, as well as smart designs to help improve leverage, minimize back strain, and some feature onboard rollers to help make alignment easier than ever. Allow your mechanics to work smarter and faster with these in your shop.

If you have any questions about our selection, please feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives. They will be happy to help you complete your order or answer your questions about free shipping or financing.