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Go-Jack Wheel and Truck Dollies

One of the most important tools any mechanic can have in his or her arsenal is a good tire jack. Let’s face it, you may not have the space for a car lift, and you may need to just do a simple task that doesn’t require putting the vehicle on a lift, but still needs to be elevated a bit or you may just need to slide the car over a bit. That’s where our selection of Go-Jack auto jacks and dollies come in. We offer a variety of accessories, not to mention dolly/jack combinations, which combine two important tools in one, which is a great choice for storage and pricing. Check out our selection today!

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GoJak® 2006-B56 - UNI2006-B56 4" Replacement Caster wheel for Go Jack™

GoJak® 2006-B56 Replacement Caster wheel for Go Jack™ - UNI2006-B56

List Price: $28.85
: $25.97
Unitec 456 - GOJ-456 GoJak® Storage Rack

Unitec 456 GoJak® Storage Rack - UNI456

List Price: $101.99
: $91.19
GoJak® 5211™  GOJ-G5211 GoJak® 5211™ Auto Jack/Dolly

GoJak® 5211™ Auto Jack/Dolly, Single - GOJ-G5211

List Price: $239.99
: $215.99
GoJak® 4520™ Auto Jack/Dolly, Single - GOJ-G4520 GoJak® 4520™ Auto Jack/Dolly

GoJak® 4520™ Auto Jack/Dolly, Single - GOJ-G4520

List Price: $319.99
: $285.59
GoJak® 6313™ GOJ-G6313 GoJak® 6313™ Auto Jack/Dolly

GoJak® 6313™ Auto Jack/Dolly, Single -  GOJ-G6313

List Price: $334.99
: $299.99
GoJak® 6313™ GOJ-G6313L GoJak® 6313™ Auto Jack/Dolly - Left Hand

GoJak® 6313™ Left Hand Auto Jack/Dolly, Single -  GOJ-G6313L

List Price: $334.99
: $305.99

Safety is key for any mechanic shop, but so is productivity. There’s nothing more productive than having multiple tools in one like our Go-Jack wheel dollies and auto jacks. For storage, we have a storage rack that will hold up to 4 GoJaks and rolls into any storage area or section of the garage. If you’re just looking to repair one of yours, perhaps a wheel isn’t working quite right, we have the 4 inch replacement caster wheel in our inventory as well, ensuring that you don’t have to go out and purchase a whole new model just because one piece isn’t working quite as well as needed. Our Go-Jack auto jacks and dollies come in several different models, so you can choose the proper one for your needs. For larger vehicles up to 6,300 pounds, check out our GoJak 6313, it’s versatile and the strongest option in the entire line. We also have the same model for those who are left-handed, so they no longer have to adjust how they work to fit their tools. Instead, this tool was made with them in mind. Using these will not only improve safety, but they’ll help improve productivity with how easy to use they are.

If you have any questions about our selection of Go-Jack wheel dollies and auto jacks, please feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives. They’d be happy to help you complete your order or find the right equipment for your garage needs.