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Automotive Fluid Extractors and Evacuators

Using an automotive fluid extractor can make maintaining vehicles simple and effortless. Solutions within the engine serve to lubricate, cool, and clean. They also eventually wear out and need to be removed. Extracting solutions from vehicles is important, which is why at Best Buy Auto Equipment we offer a variety of options and high-quality brands like John Dow Industries, Mityvac, Lincoln, and OTC.

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JohnDow Industries JDI-20EV-B JohnDow JDI-20EV-B 20 Gallon Steel Tank Fluid Evacuator

JohnDow Industries JDI-20EV-B 20-Gallon Steel Tank Fluid Evacuator with Transparent Bowl

List Price: $1,391.59
: $904.53
Lincoln Lubrication 3642 - LNC3642 Lincoln Lubrication 3642 Pressurized 26Gal Used Fluid Evacuation Tank

Lincoln Lubrication 3642 Pressurized 26 Gallon Polyethylene Reinforced Used Fluid Evacuation Tank - LNC3642

List Price: $1,165.34
: $823.61
JohnDow Industries JDI-20COMBO JohnDow JDI-20COMBO 20-Gallon Fluid Evacuator with Oil Drain

JohnDow Industries JDI-20COMBO 20-Gallon Fluid Evacuator & Oil Drain

List Price: $1,125.45
: $731.54
JohnDow Industries JDI-20EV JohnDow JDI-20EV 20 Gallon Steel Tank Fluid Evacuator

JohnDow Industries JDI-20EV 20-Gallon Steel Tank Fluid Evacuator

List Price: $865.81
: $562.77
JohnDow Industries JDI-6EV JohnDow JDI-6EV 6 Gallon Steel Tank Fluid Evacuator

JohnDow Industries 6-Gallon Steel Tank Fluid Evacuator - JDI-6EV

List Price: $565.48
: $367.56
Mityvac MV6410  - MITMV6410 Mityvac MV6410 ATF Refill System

Mityvac MV6410 ATF/Drive Line Refill System - MITMV6410

List Price: $468.20
: $337.38
OTC 8100 Air/Manual Fluid Evactuator - OTC8100 OTC 8100 Fluid Evacuation / Brake Bleeding Tool

OTC 8100 Fluid Evacuation / Brake Bleeding Tool - OTC8100

List Price: $416.20
: $295.46
Mityvac MV7300 - MTY-MV7300 Mityvac MV7300 2.3G PneumatiVac Fluid Extractor

Mityvac MV7300 2.3 Gallon PneumatiVac Fluid Extractor - MTY-MV7300

List Price: $195.75
: $150.60
Mityvac MV7400  MIT7400 Mityvac MV7400 1.9G Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac MV7400 1.9 Gallon Fluid Evacuator - MIT7400

List Price: $143.80
: $94.29

Removing solutions from vehicles is important in maintaining peak performance. Using a dedicated automotive fluid extractor allows you to remove oil and other liquids with a vacuum process. These units can be used to bleed brake systems as well as remove antifreeze, transmission liquid, and gear lube.

Fluid Evacuators

Fluid evacuators are ideal for shops that service import vehicles without drain plugs or vehicles with ports that are inaccessible or damaged. Both the Lincoln and OTC models can be used to bleed brake systems and remove a variety of liquid from vehicles, such as antifreeze, oil, transmission solutions, gear lube, and more. The Lincoln Pressurized 26-gallon evacuation tank model is compatible with virtually all liquids, and the OTC Air/Manual system operates easily and efficiently on shop air or a hand pump.

John Dow Steel Tank Units

John Dow Steel Tank Units are a top choice for most repair shops. They provide a heavy duty steel tank and site tube to show the tank liquid level. John Dow steel tank units utilize shop air created by a standard compressor to quickly and effectively force out old solutions, dirt, and contaminants. Adequate flushing can make a difference in overall performance and vehicle lifetime, which is why we offer this high-quality solution from John Dow Industries.

Servicing Sealed Automatic Transmissions

When servicing sealed automatic transmissions, you will need an Automatic Transmission Refill Adapter. Otherwise, you can purchase a unit like the Mityvac ATF Refill System for complete servicing of sealed automatic transmissions. The Automatic Transmission Refill Adapter included with this unit offers 10 attachments, which connect to Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, and BMW.

Maintaining a vehicle at peak performance is highly dependent on high-quality, properly functioning solutions. With a variety of automotive fluid extractors including steel tanks and automatic transmission refill adapters, we offer something for everyone at Best Buy Auto Equipment.