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Dannmar Specialty Lifts

Looking to add space in your garage or service bay while staying true to your budget? By browsing our selection of Dannmar® specialty auto lifts, you can find the perfect fit for your specific application. Every specialty lift in our selection has been engineered from the ground up to be durable and reliable. We carry a variety of lifts with 6,000-pound capacities for a variety of automotive spaces and environments. Examine, repair, or replace different parts of any vehicle with ease by exploring our assortment of Dannmar® specialty lifts today!

Expect refined and reengineered designs while shopping from our selection of Dannmar® specialty auto lifts. Boasting higher-grade materials, a lot more steel, and improved functionality, our mid-rise scissor car lifts are perfect for wheel service shops. Portability is at the heart of Dannmar’s designs, and these lifts won’t take up an extra bay, which allows you to save on valuable floor space. Arm assemblies provide one of the widest ranges of movement in the industry. Steel wheels have increased in size and the increased gauge of steel is both efficient and powerful.

Sometimes, the scissor style lift just won’t do. The MaxJax™ two-post car lift allows you to safely lift motorcycles, ATVs, or other motorized vehicles to a comfortable working height, yet it’s small enough to be stored out of the way within minutes. Quick-disconnect hoses can be positioned easily for single or dual column operation, and business owners love the height adapter storage feature that’s attached directly to the mobile power unit cart.

Do you specialize in European vehicles? Look no further than the MaxJax™ MX-6™ two-post car lift in our selection of Dannmar® specialty lifts. Bulky lifts can’t always accommodate small spaces. This lift is the perfect solution for low-clearance ceilings and home garages, and it features easy-to-use controls as well as recessed anchors for smooth operation. Make the most of your available space by browsing our inventory today. We even offer interest-free financing for up to six months on select products. Have questions? Feel free to contact a Best Buy Auto Equipment representative for further assistance.