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Ammco Brake Lathes

Any responsible auto mechanic knows that brake lathes are must-have necessities for successful repair workspaces and garages. Brake lathes help cure noise and vibration problems car owners so often experience after thousands of miles on the road. These performance-inspired tools correct thickness variations on the brake’s rotor, which can commonly be caused by uneven contact or corrosion. Avoid breaking the bank and browse our superior selection of AMMCO brake lathes, the brand trusted by automotive professionals for more than 50 years.

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Ammco 2510 Backless Bench Kit for all Ammco Brake Lathes P/N AMM2510 Ammco 2510 Bench Kit - Backless

Ammco 2510 Backless Bench Kit w/Funnel & Bucket - AMM2510

List Price: $957.91
: $589.88
Ammco 2500 - AMM2500 Ammco 2500 Bench Kit

Ammco 2500 Bench Kit w/Back Board and Chip Catchers - AMM2500

List Price: $1,206.16
: $742.76
Brake Lathe - Combination Single Speed for Brake Drums/Rotors | Model: AMM4000SP Ammco 4000SP Combination Brake Lathe Single Speed

Ammco Combo Single Speed Lathe for Brake Drums and Rotors - Model: 4000SP
Limited Time Offer FREE B Kit & Brake Lathe Bench (2500) thru While Supplies Last

List Price: $13,337.47
: $6,767.04
Brake Lathe - Combination for Drums/Rotors | Model: Ammco AMM4000B Ammco 4000B Combination Brake Lathe

Ammco Brake Lathe for Drums/Rotors with Twin Cutters - Model: 4000B
Limited Time Offer FREE E Kit & Brake Lathe Bench (2500) While Supplies Last

List Price: $17,453.57
: $8,109.25
Brake Lathe - Medium Duty for Drums/Rotors | Model: AMM4100B Ammco 4100B Medium Duty Brake Lathe

Ammco 4100B Medium Duty Brake Lathe for Drums/Rotors - AMM4100B
Limited Time Offer FREE E Kit & Brake Lathe Bench (2500) While Supplies Last

List Price: $14,589.72
: $8,829.68
Brake Lathe P/N 95000106 Model: 4000E Ammco 4000E Digital Brake Lathe

Ammco P/N 95000106 Digital Brake Lathe - Model: 4000E

Limited Time Offer FREE E Kit & Brake Lathe Bench (2500) While Supplies Last

List Price: $19,221.73
: $9,334.41

AMMCO brake lathes are solid and effective investments for you and your shop or garage. We carry a reliable inventory of some of their finest models of bench kits, combination brake lathes, and digital solutions for the mechanic that likes to adapt to ever-evolving trends of the automotive industry. There are two types of brake lathes you’ll find here at Best Buy Auto Equipment, and those include on-car lathes and bench lathes. AMMCO’s ahead of the curve when it comes to convenience. Their combination brake lathes are great for mechanics wanting an all-in-one solution to repair brake drums and rotors. These hybrids feature adjustable spindle speeds, multiple feed rates, tapered mounting surfaces for stability, quick drum-to-rotor changeover ergonomics, and many more practical details.

On-car AMMCO brake lathes have been used and trusted by professional repair mechanics throughout the decades thanks to the ease of installation along the position of the brake caliper. These lathe options provide extremely accurate resurfacing results. Bench lathes are a very popular alternative for busy garages that see a lot of cars each day. AMMCO’s bench kits are compatible with all AMMCO lathes and come equipped with funnels and chip catchers. Depending on your garage’s current storage situation, you can select a bench kit with or without upper storage.

You’re making the right decision by choosing Best Buy Auto Equipment for all your automotive needs. Whether you like to work on your own cars out of passion or you own your own prosperous auto service and repair shop, provide your clients with service they can trust by investing in the best tools you can buy and choose AMMCO brake lathes for all your resurfacing needs.