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If you are passionate about working on cars, you know that you might need to invest in an auto body frame machine for your shop. There are plenty of different makes and models on the market, and it's important to know which one will work for the type of car you have and the adjustments that you want to make to it. Being prepared with the proper equipment will help make your job quicker and easier, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run!
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Chassis Liner 832187 Lift 'N Rak Pro™ Chassis Liner PP 16 CL832171 Profit Puller™ 16 Foot Deck
: $5,995.00
: $8,495.00
Chief/Chassis Liner CL832187 Chief /Chassis Liner PP 16 CL832171
Chassis Liner CL832187 Lift 'N Rak Pro™ Frame Machine Chassis Liner PP 16 CL832171 Profit Puller™ 16 Foot Deck Frame Machine
Nationwide 5.5K Frame Straightener Scissor Lift Nationwide 7.7 K Frame Straightener 18-foot deck
List Price: $11,994.00
: $8,964.00
List Price: $12,412.80
: $10,344.00
Nationwid  NW-FR-55 Nationwid FR-77 - NW-FR-77
Nationwide FR-55 5.5K Frame Straightener Scissor Lift with 10-foot deck - NW-FR-55 Nationwide FR-77 7.7K Frame Straightener with 18-Foot Deck- NW-FR-77
Chassis Liner PP 18 CL832165 Profit Puller™ 18-foot Deck Chassis Liner 16' Revolution - Model: #832000
: $10,995.00
: $12,627.00
Chief/Chassis Liner PP 18  CL832172 Chief/Chassis Liner Model: 832000 - CL832000
Chassis Liner PP 18  CL832172 Profit Puller™ 18-foot Deck Frame Machine Chassis Liner Model: #832000 16' Revolution™ Frame Machine - CL832000
Chassis Liner Truck 'N Revolution™ 18-foot Deck - Model: TNR 18 #832030 Chassis Liner Truck 'N Revolution™ 20-foot deck - Model: TNR 20 #832075
: $14,731.00
: $16,836.00
Chief/Chassis Liner Model: TNR 18 #832030 - CL832030 Chief/Chassis Liner  Model: TNR 22 #832075 - CL832075
Chassis Liner Model: TNR 18 #832030 CL832030 Truck 'N Revolution™ 18-foot Deck - CL 832030 Chassis Liner Model: TNR 20 #832075 Truck 'N Revolution™ 20-foot Deck - CL832075
Chassis Liner Truck 'N Revolution™ 22-foot Deck - Model: TNR 22 #832120 Chassis Liner Medium-Duty Trucker™ 28-foot deck - Model: MDT 28 #871030
: $17,889.00
: $56,105.00
Chief/Chassis Liner  TNR 22 #832120 - CL 832120 Chief/Chassis Liner Model: CL871030
Chassis Liner Model: TNR 22 #832120 Truck 'N Revolution? 22-foot Deck - CL832120 Chassis Liner Model: MDT 28 #871030 Medium-Duty Trucker™ 32-foot Deck - CL871030
Chassis Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 32-foot deck - Model: HDT 32 #871005 Chassis Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 40-foot Deck - Model: HDT 40 #871015
: $96,836.00
: $116,484.00
Chief/Chassis Liner Model: CL 871005 Chief/Chassis Liner Model: HDT 40 #871015 -   CL871015
Chassis Liner Model: HDT 32 #871005 Heavy-Duty Trucker? 32-foot deck Frame Machine - CL871005 Chassis Liner Model: HDT 40 #871015 Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 40-foot Deck Frame Machine - CL871015
We have many heavy duty machines that can offer you the perfect utility for when you are planning on doing some work to a variety of vehicles. We have options that can pull anywhere from up to eight tons to over twenty, so almost any vehicle can easily be worked on without a problem. Not only are they strong, but they are also flexible—they rotate 360 degrees and are easily portable. The signature Tilt 'N Turn Tower allows you to pull your vehicle from many different angles. These products also come with 10' chain, pump, ram, and hose for you to be able to get the job done. You'll also find they have a fantastic stabilizer bar for side pulls and four wheel stands. Ramps are also included in these packages, as well as a dolly wheel and cart. If you still need more, they also come with optional accessories like a United Hyd air pump.

Whatever kind of job you need to have done, having the right equipment makes it that much easier. Finding the right product for you can take some time and effort, but we have multiple products you can look through to make sure that you have the right one for you. If you have questions or need help choosing the perfect option for your garage, feel free to contact our support. We have years of experience in the auto industry, and our experts are always ready and waiting to assist you in finding the equipment that will suit your needs best!