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Motorvac Coolant Flush

The MotorVac MCF 1000 Coolant Flush Service is an extremely durable and easy to use machine that makes exchanging coolant fluid a breeze. Best Buy Automotive Equipment has many currently in stock. Stop by and take a look at this system. It will help make your shop the best in the area.
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MotorVac CC2K p/n 400-0138 - Motorvac400-0138 MotorVac CC2K CoolantClean 6 Kits

MotorVac CC2K CoolantClean Kit Cooling System Service 6 Kits (2 x 8oz Bottles per Kit) - Motorvac400-0138

List Price: $106.66
: $57.16
MotorVac MCF 5100 p/n 500-5100P - MotorvacMCF5100 MotorVac MCF 5100 CoolantClean III Professional Coolant Flush Service Center

Motorvac MCF 5100 CoolantClean III Professional Coolant Flush Service Center - Motorvac-MCF-5100

List Price: $4,480.00
: $2,428.00

The service is made to be as speedy as possible without making any concessions on quality. The Coolant Clean 1000 takes the old, used fluid in a vehicle and switches it with new, ready-to-use liquid in only a few simple steps. Shops regularly see a rise in profits using this machine because it is finished in only a matter minutes. Customers come and go satisfied with their experience. Part of what makes the system so quick is how easy it is to use.

Easy to Use

The Motorvac Coolant Flush takes coolant right from the radiator. The unit removes just a small amount of the old coolant and replaces it with a mixture of new coolant using a quick and basic process. If a mechanic does this procedure manually it can be extremely arduous, somewhat dangerous, and very time consuming. The Coolant Clean 1000 goes through a few highly effective steps making the job much faster.


There two solutions that put the machine above the competitors: a formulated radiator flush keeps the system like new by removing rust, scale, and other residues, and a lubricant conditioner prevents rust and corrosion while keeping the water pump easy to use. Clogging and overheating are often problems with similar service to the Motorvac Coolant Flush. However, the solution in the machine contains inhibitors that fight these problems. All of parts of the system work as a failsafe to keep it running and operational, allowing the machine to be as effective as necessary to get the job done.

No shop is complete without one of these fantastic machines in their possession. Come by Best Buy Auto Equipment today to get your hands on a machine that could put your shop ahead of the other garages.